The capsicums are a bit slow to show up though!
Delicate part is tomorrow! Planting the tomatoes in the "garden"...
Les poivrons sont un peu lents à la détente en revanche!
La partie la plus délicate aura lieu demain au moment de replanter les tomates dans mon "jardin"...

Edit: Planted the tomatoes this morning! It says on the box to add fertilizer but I think they only sell it in bulk... My mother told me to make natural compost so I put strawberry leaves, banana skins... on the side and topped it with a plastic box^^ Will see... Will listen to her (for once u__u) carefully because she is a real green thumb. I have awesome memories of my childhood eating cherries, apricots, plums, tomatoes, radish, pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, strawberries, zucchinis... all from the garden! We had lots of trees and a huge veggie patch. Our Portuguese neighbour was amazing too, he taught my parents a lot about growing fruits and vegetable over the years and sometimes came over to help. We only had a tiny wall separating our gardens and we were welcome to jump on his side and pick up raspberries and currants (haven't had them in YEARS and can't find any here). He also had a rooster and chickens and we would have fresh eggs... :)

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